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019: Cryoprecipitate with Joe Chaffin

Dr. Chaffin and co-host Dr. Heidi Shafi discuss "Five Essentials of Cryoprecipitate." The blood product cryoprecipitate, prepared by slow-thawing fresh frozen plasma, is declining in use around the world but seems to be increasing in use in the United States. This...

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009: Awesome Presentations with Kristine Krafts

Dr. Kristine Krafts from the University of Minnesota and joins Dr. Chaffin to present her "Top Five Tips for Making Your Next Presentation Awesome!" Awesome presentations don't just happen. They take planning, preparation, and practice. People...

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008: Mythbusters with Kevin Land

Dr. Kevin Land, Senior Medical Director for Field Operations at Blood Systems International, joins Dr. Chaffin for an episode of "Blood Bank MythBusters!" Like urban legends, many things in transfusion medicine are taken for granted as absolute truth, when in fact...

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