The Sue Johnson knowledge bomb continues as she shows us how to choose compatible blood products and TEST them to make sure they are compatible. Don’t miss this episode of the Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast! [NOTE: Previously titled, “Pretransfusion Testing 1”]

Sue Johnson

Susan Johnson, MTSM, MT(ASCP)SBB

In the very popular episode 050CE, Sue Johnson took us through the first two steps of pretransfusion testing (specimen preparation and collection, as well as antibody detection methods). This episode completes the two-part discussion.

The Last Three Steps of Pretransfusion Testing

Sue starts this interview with a discussion of how you use the information gained in step 2 (the patient’s ABO, Rh, and unexpected antibody status) to choose the best and hopefully most compatible product for a blood recipient. She shares tips and tricks to best practice in choosing red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Then, she takes us through the ins and outs of compatibility testing (the test we all call the “crossmatch”), including a nuts and bolts description of both forms of the serologic crossmatch (Immediate-spin and AHG). She describes the computer (or “electronic”) crossmatch, and tells us why she thinks it is the very BEST crossmatch you can do! Finally, Sue briefly describes some labeling requirements.

But Wait, There’s MORE!

In the last half of this interview, I hit Sue with six cases designed to illustrate some of the more common challenges that we encounter in compatibility testing, and Sue handled them like a pro! Don’t miss the chance to hear a master at work, showing you exactly how to handle unexpected findings either in the crossmatch itself or with other tests related to the crossmatch.

Speaker Bio:

Sue Johnson is the Director of Clinical Education at BloodCenter of Wisconsin (a part of Versiti), as well as the director of the Specialist in Blood Banking Program. She has taught laboratory science students for over 20 years, and is one of the most respected voices in Transfusion Medicine education. She is also the Director of the Transfusion Medicine Program at Marquette University and Associate Director of the Indian Immunohematology Program. She has extensive experience as a teacher, author, and international lecturer; in short, we should all listen when she decides to speak!

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