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Basic Immunohematology Series:

Blood Groups Cover

Blood Groups Overview

Part 1 of the “Basic Immunohematology” series is a 2011 overview of then-current blood group terminology and details.
Pretransfusion Testing Cover

Pre-transfusion Testing

Part 2 of the “Basic Immunohematology” series is a look at pretransfusion testing, recorded in 2012.
Antibody ID part 1 Cover

Antibody ID 1: The Basics

This 2012 look at how to approach an antibody identification panel is the most popular BBGuy video of all time!
Antibody ID Part 2 Cover

Antibody ID 2: Basic Cases

The last in the “Basic Immunohematology” series is this 2012 look at basic antibody identification cases, step by step by step!

Advanced Blood Groups:

Kell Kills Cover

Kell Kills!

The February 2014 Blood Bank Guy Video is a tour through the details of the Kell Blood Group System.
Bombay Video Cover

What the H? (Bombay)

This presentation from December 2014 is a close look at the rarely seen but commonly discussed “Bombay Phenotype.”
Lewis System Video Cover

Fun with the Lewis System

The June 2013 Blood Bank Guy video is a discussion of the details of the sometimes-confusing but always entertaining Lewis Blood Group System!
Weak in the D's Video Cover

Weak in the D's

I did this video in 2012 to describe two of the most commonly misunderstood variants of the RHD antigen: Weak D and Partial D
Acquired B Cover

Acquired B

This Ten Minute Tutorial, published in September 2014, is a discussion of the famous but uncommonly seen “Acquired B Phenotype.”
Rh Immune Globulin dose cover

RhIG Dosage

This Ten Minute Tutorial describes the correct dosage of Rh Immune Globulin after a D-negative mother delivers a D-positive baby.

Transfusion Practice:

Leukoreduction cover

Why Leukoreduce?

This 2013 video covers the rationale behind leukocyte reduction of cellular blood products.
Irradiation cover

Why Irradiate?

This 2013 video covers the rationale behind irradiating cellular blood products.

Transfusion Complications:

Transfusion Reactions 1 Cover

Transfusion Reaction Workup

Part 1 of 2: This November 2012 video describes how to approach a basic transfusion reaction workup.
Transfusion Reactions 2 Cover

Transfusion Reactions

Part 2 of 2: In December 2012, I described important details for a wide variety of transfusion reactions, and outlined a basic classification system.
TTDs 1 Cover

Intro to TTDs

This video from 2011 is an introduction to the technology and terminology of the testing used then for testing blood donors for transfusion-transmitted diseases.
TTDs 2 Cover

Transfusion-transmitted Diseases

In the second 2011 TTD video, I discuss the specific organisms most associated with transfusion-transmitted infections.

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