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CE Podcast alert! "Blood Management" is 🔥! Whether you are an old pro or a PBM newbie, Carolyn Burns has an incredibly useful tool from @bloodmgmt to get you started or make your great program even better. https://t.co/Ak28ZcDo9D, #blooducation #BBGEssentials 🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️

Here's what we THOUGHT we knew: IgA deficiency puts patients at risk for anaphylactic transfusion reactions. Jerry Sandler says "not so fast," and explains what you need to know about IgA and anaphylaxis. https://t.co/7h7NaIiydh, Apple Podcasts, etc. #blooducation #BBGEssentials

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067CE: Wiser Blood Management Choices with Carolyn Burns

CE Episode! While blood management is discussed everywhere today, your program may need to make wiser choices. Carolyn Burns shows you how.

066: IgA Deficiency and Anaphylactic Reactions with Jerry Sandler

Here’s what we thought we knew: IgA deficiency leads to anaphylactic transfusion reactions. Jerry Sandler says, “it’s not that simple!”

065: Transfusion and Jehovah’s Witnesses with Jed Gorlin

Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse transfusion based on religious beliefs, but blood bankers are still important in their care. Jed Gorlin shows us why.

064CE: Granulocyte Transfusions with Ron Strauss

CE episode! Despite disappointing recent studies, Ron Strauss believes granulocyte concentrates still have an important role in modern Transfusion Medicine.

063CE: Anti-CD47 Testing Interference with Connie Westhoff

CE episode! Anti-CD47 is an exciting new cancer drug that totally messes up routine blood bank testing! Connie Westhoff shows how to get past the interference and keep patients safe.

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