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Today on #BBGEssentials: There's a BRAND-NEW version of @apheresisASFA's new Guidelines for Therapeutic Apheresis, and I interview co-editor Nancy Dunbar to find out why YOU need to get this document into your hands ASAP! #blooducation #apheresismedicine https://t.co/2QmWnpwSkS https://t.co/CGCls8jCmm

In a recent interview with Stella Chou ( https://t.co/hhscQsDvVY), we discussed DHTR/hyperhemolysis in those with Sickle Cell Dz. Just saw this article by @deanchr3 and group @EmoryMedicine that you should read for more info ( https://t.co/e2TeY31fTV). #blooducation #BBGEssentials

We match Rh & K and encourage donations from minority donors. STILL, RBC antibodies appear in patients with sickle cell disease, & they cause harm! What more can or SHOULD we do? Stella Chou has experience, data, and answers. https://t.co/hhscQslV4q #BBGEssentials #blooducation https://t.co/iaidX2YWE3

🎙New episode! Despite “matching” RBC donors and patients with sickle cell disease, harmful alloantibodies still happen WAY too often! Are we doing enough? Pediatric hematologist Dr. Stella Chou has answers! Free continuing ed! https://t.co/LZkCzo3ywd #blooducation #FOAMed https://t.co/hp1IHXdRXj

This post from @emcrit is SO important! The “fluid bolus” may not be such a great idea. One key point: Fluid overload is BAD! Should REALLY get blood bankers’ attention, as it’s shockingly easy to induce TACO (WAY easier than with NaCl). https://t.co/HsA4WpRe8y #blooducation 💧

071: NEW Therapeutic Apheresis Guidelines with Nancy Dunbar

The new ASFA Guidelines for therapeutic apheresis treatment are now available. Here’s why you need to get your hands on them today!

070CE: Preventing Alloantibodies in Sickle Cell Disease with Stella Chou

CE episode! Despite “matching,” harmful RBC antibodies in patients with sickle cell disease still happen. Are we doing enough? Dr. Stella Chou details our next steps.

069CE: Preventing TRALI with Beth Shaz

CE Episode! Blood centers have gone to great lengths in our efforts to prevent TRALI. Beth Shaz is here to explain what has and hasn’t worked.

068: Transfusion in Cardiac Surgery with Pierre Tibi

Cardiac surgery can be scary for blood banks? A busy cardiac surgeon pulls back the curtain on what is really happening in the OR!

067CE: Wiser Blood Management Choices with Carolyn Burns

CE Episode! While blood management is discussed everywhere today, your program may need to make wiser choices. Carolyn Burns shows you how.

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