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Blood Bank Guy totally changed the way a generation of pathologists feel about blood banking and transfusion medicine!

Jerad Gardner, MD (@JMGardnerMD)

I so appreciate your web site. Your sense of humor and teaching style beats any conference I’ve ever been to! I tell all of my fellow blood bankers about you! Please continue to provide this awesome service!

Terry, U.S.

053CE: Alloimmunization is a BIG Word! with Chris Tormey

CE Episode! Alloimmunization has been a mystery for decades, but Chris Tormey has new answers for why patients make antibodies that we wish they didn’t!

052: Patient Blood Management: What Are You Missing? with Aryeh Shander

Modified transfusion thresholds? Got ’em! “Why give 2 when 1 will do?” Sure. But many patients are in trouble even before they arrive! Dr. Shander explains why preoperative anemia is a HUGE issue.

051: Product Choice and Compatibility Testing with Sue Johnson

The Sue Johnson knowledge bomb continues as she shows us how to choose compatible blood products and TEST them to make sure they are compatible (2 of 2).

050CE: Specimen Issues and Serologic Testing with Sue Johnson

CE episode! Sue Johnson returns to the podcast to explain specimen requirements and patient serologic testing (part 1 of 2).

049CE: Red, White, and Yellow! with Jeff Winters

CE episode! Many in transfusion medicine don’t deal with therapeutic cytapheresis (removal of white cells or platelets, and red cell exchange), but Jeff Winters LIVES it! He’s got tons of practical insights for the rest of us.

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