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Transfusion Medicine Updates

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The @wileyhealth site that administers the continuing education for the #BBGuypodcast is migrating to a new platform. As a result, CE credits are temporarily unavailable. Hope they will resolve this soon! #blooducation @TransfusionNews

My friend, the great @HermelinMD (she's a superstar 💫), absolutely ROCKS it again with this #blooducation #tweetorial on DARA! Check it out! https://t.co/bfOoX8yeqf
Daniela Hermelin, MD @HermelinMD
A 58-year-old man with a history of 🔮multiple myeloma has positive antibody screen. Check out his antibody identification panel.
👇🏽Notice it has a panagluttinin pattern, meaning every red cell tested against the patient's plasma is reactive or agglutinates🩸 #Blooducation https://t.co/9kSgeXC004

I think the amazing @jillrosalind (Dr. Jill Storry) needs some followers! Dr. Storry is a BRILLIANT immunohematologist at Lund University in Sweden. You can hear her on one of the most popular #BBGuyPodcast episodes at https://t.co/dPWnaJd5PI #blooducation #FollowJill

Sometimes when we shout, "blood shortage," people think the situation isn't really ⓉⒽⒶⓉ bad. Guess what: THIS IS VERY, VERY BAD! 😱

This NBC4 LA story could be from anywhere across the US: https://t.co/2SqcbZG6UF

PLEASE, #giveblood today, and bring a friend! 🩸🅾️🅰️🅱️🆎 😷

TFW you quickly glance at the journal on your desk and shriek like a terrified 10 year old… Thanks, @AABB and @RichardMKaufman! 😱😵 https://t.co/pcgr6dc5KA

What's more fun than a #BBGuyPodcast interview with the hilarious Dr. Mark Yazer? 🏒 🎉 Nothing, I say! Check out "WHOLLY WHOLE BLOOD, the Sequel!" available now on all outlets and https://t.co/B4bGfEV2TZ. #blooducation

091: Wholly Whole Blood, the Sequel! with Mark Yazer

CE episode! In 2017, Mark Yazer told us all about “Low-titer Group O Whole Blood (LTOWB).” He’s BACK to update us on the latest and greatest news.

090CE: RHD Genotyping; We Can Do Better! with Sue Johnson

CE episode! RHD genotyping has not been as widely implemented as we had hoped. Sue Johnson is here to tell us why and how we can do better!

089CE: The Transfused and the Breathless with Christine Cserti-Gazdewich

CE Episode! Cardiorespiratory transfusion reactions such as TACO and TRALI are deadly. Learn from an expert how to identify and manage them.

088: Warm Autoantibody Best Practices with Alyssa Ziman and Meghan Delaney

Warm autoantibodies have a well-deserved reputation as tough challenges. Two experts show you some best practices to make things easier.

087CE: Transfusion-transmitted Infections with Suchi Pandey

CE episode! Transfusion-transmitted infection is less likely today than ever, but that safety comes with a lot of effort. In this interview, you will learn current blood center strategies to keep blood safe.

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