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Happy New Year! I'm trying to fill 2022 with new BBGuy #blooducation content. Lots of fun stuff coming, but for today, please check out a NEW educational crossword puzzle at https://t.co/gDPCBSdVwX. Pro tip: "Settings" ➡️"Error Check Mode" to ✅ answers (but try it solo first!)
Hi Twitter and #blooducation family! I'm considering new podcast recording software that allows people to watch live interview sessions, and even "call-in" with questions.

POLL: Would you watch a live #BBGuyPodcast recording, and consider calling in with questions?
The great Vin Scully says just about everything better than I ever could, so please take a minute, on Veteran’s Day, to hear one of his memories. To all who have served, thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 https://t.co/6WDq1ddP0B
Vin Scully @TheVinScully
On this Veterans Day, I'd like to salute the nation's veterans for their service and sacrifice. We are so grateful to you. May God bless you all. Please allow me to share this story of when, as a child, I first learned the lesson we honor annually on Veterans Day. https://t.co/HpjtByxrK4
Amazing how fast a former chief medical officer can “let his hair down” ain’t it? Happy Halloween 🎃 !! Thanks to @HermelinMD for the #SpongeBob shirt! #notalcohol #blooducation @lifestreamblood https://t.co/ieoLswYZPk

093CE: The Mighty MMA! with Sandy Nance

CE episode! When red cell alloantibodies are unpredictable, the monocyte monolayer assay can clear things right up! Sandy Nance explains this very useful test.

092: When Platelet Transfusion Might Not Be Wise with Ruchika Goel

Platelet transfusions are life-saving in many situations, but what do you do when they might NOT be helpful?Platelets have been used to save the lives of patients with low platelet counts for decades. For the most part, they are considered a safe and effective means...

091: Wholly Whole Blood, the Sequel! with Mark Yazer

CE episode! In 2017, Mark Yazer told us all about “Low-titer Group O Whole Blood (LTOWB).” He’s BACK to update us on the latest and greatest news.

090CE: RHD Genotyping; We Can Do Better! with Sue Johnson

CE episode! RHD genotyping has not been as widely implemented as we had hoped. Sue Johnson is here to tell us why and how we can do better!

089CE: The Transfused and the Breathless with Christine Cserti-Gazdewich

CE Episode! Cardiorespiratory transfusion reactions such as TACO and TRALI are deadly. Learn from an expert how to identify and manage them.

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