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Dr. Shaz will be a magnificent @AABB president! She has big shoes to fill ( @MurphyProf did a great job), but she will be awesome, too. #AABB19 #YayBeth https://t.co/PRxrmojHaQ

For those who may have heard #UMichPath faculty, Dr. Laura Cooling at this year's #AABB19, read more about her very personal story 'Through the Looking Glass' from our 2017 issue of Inside Pathology: https://t.co/9kTmwgul1O @AABB https://t.co/i2fH9D10mS

Beth Shaz, MD, inaugurated as new AABB president. #AABB19

All the best to two of the best TM physicians (and “finally met face-to-face” friends) I know! Be safe and let’s talk soon. #AABB19 https://t.co/hWvxSUlOeF
Yulia Lin @dryulialin
Capping a great #AABB19 with a visit to the Alamo with @JeannieCallum. Thanks @AABB and fellow twitter champions! @AShmooklerMD @TeamCaptainJohn @SueTJohnson @RobertLKruse @bloodbankguy @JeannieCallum @theeduardonunes Safe travels home to all!! https://t.co/DGHtUSSaRR

Awesome pic! Everyone, go check out the article; it is a free download (with JAMA registration, also free). #AABB19 #FIBRES https://t.co/2zS9POuDGJ
Muntadhar Al Moosawi @Muntadhar1030
Here is me with @JeannieCallum the author of the FIBRES trial which was published at JAMA literally few minutes after presenting the data at #AABB2019

https://t.co/TPXS278Elh https://t.co/f1xUd4FVYT

077CE: Implementing Pathogen-reduced Platelets with Pat Kopko

CE Episode! Pathogen-reduced platelets may soon be an attractive option for hospitals, but how do you implement them? Pat Kopko shares UCSD’s solution!

076: FDA Platelet Bacteria Guidance with Pat Kopko

The US FDA released the Final Guidance on bacteria in platelets on 9/30/19. Pat Kopko is here to help you understand what you need to do now.

075CE: What About Fibrinogen? with Melissa Cushing

CE episode! Are we ignoring the most important coag factor when transfusing bleeding patients? Melissa Cushing asks, “What about fibrinogen?”

074CE: Radioactive! with Chris Tormey

CE episode! Irradiation prevents TA-GHVD, a lethal transfusion complication. But does it really do what you think it does?

073: Implementing Trauma Whole Blood with David Oh and Mike Goodman

What’s cold is hot again! You need to hear how one large US center implemented cold-stored whole blood for trauma transfusion.

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