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Transfusion Medicine Updates

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Help me create a π•Šβ„‚π”Έβ„π• Halloween episode of #BBGEssentials πŸ—£οΈ this month! Respond here with an example of an urgent, scary situation in #bloodbanking (eg, massively bleeding patient during a blood shortage) & you might hear @MarkFungMDPhD & I discuss it! #blooducation πŸŽƒπŸˆβ€β¬›πŸ‘» https://t.co/mx5n4zqahH

1/5 One of the best things about #AABB20 is getting information straight from #FDA. Right now, Drs Peter Marks and Nicole Verdun answering questions about Covid Convalescent Plasma LIVE. See thread for answers to some important questions. #blooducation

Very interesting discussion of using (or not using) MFI numbers from HLA antibody testing via Luminex in a quantitative way by Pat Kopko from UCSD. Pat sez: "A single MFI value doesn't mean anything!" @KreuterMD thoughts? #AABB20 https://t.co/agmNzYcJcY

Pet peeve alert! Sue is a stickler for terminology, and she wants you to use the terminology correctly. Remember, if you can't use a superscript, you don't need parentheses & you don't need a "^" to indicate a superscript. See images for more tips. #AABB20 @SueTJohnson https://t.co/8U3oJYrFdc

085CE: What to do When Everything is Incompatible with Jill Storry

CE Episode! Uh-oh! Your patient needs blood, but EVERYTHING is incompatible! Jill Storry says, “Take it easy. Here’s what to do next.”

084: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma with Pampee Young and Ralph Vassallo

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, does convalescent plasma from recovered patients offer fresh hope for those who are critically ill?

083CE: Building the Perfect Transfusion Committee with Carolyn Burns

CE episode! Is your hospital transfusion committee doing what it should be doing? Carolyn Burns is back to help guide you to a better experience!

082: COVID-19 and the Blood Supply with Louis Katz

Emergency episode! Blood banks, hospitals, and blood donors need to know what to do about COVID-19 now. Lou Katz explains. Recorded 3/16/20.

081CE: Top Ten Changes in the NEW AABB Standards with Rich Gammon

CE episode! April 1, 2020 brings another AABB Standards update, and Standards Committee Chair Rich Gammon walks you through your action items.

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