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YES to this thread! We healthcare types have heard every one of these, and hey, let's just stop! Great presentations take planning and practice, and wisdom like in this thread, too. Covered some on this on the #BBGuyPodcast with my friend @PathStudent; see http://www.BBGuy.org/009

Grant Lee @thisisgrantlee

Want to transform your presentations?

Stop making excuses.

Here are 7 phrases to avoid in your next presentation:

Very good episode of the @bloodbankguy podcast on the confusing topic of Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution (aka “we took his blood before surgery and gave it back after”), with the terrific Steve Frank of Hopkins. #medtwitter #FOAMcc


Thanks to all for the updates from #ASCP2022! I’m deeply envious, but you made it feel like being there! Thanks @ASCP_Chicago, friends @HermelinMD & @ChrisTormey3 among many others. HUGE congrats to @KMirza & @ThatLabChick on the high honor! So well-deserved! See you soon, @AABB!

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098CE: “Simply REDS” with Steve Kleinman & Cassandra Josephson

CE episode! The REDS research project has transformed transfusion medicine, and the REDS-IV-P phase co-chairs say the best is yet to come!

097CE: Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution (ANH) with Steve Frank

CE episode! Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution has a funny name and a shortage of data to support its use. Dr. Steve Frank shows us why it could be a great tool to reduce allogeneic red cell transfusion!

096CE: Navigating Blood Shortages with Claudia Cohn

CE episode! Blood shortages happen, but the one associated with COVID-19 is unique. AABB Chief Medical Officer Dr. Claudia Cohn explains.

095CE: What is Liquid Plasma? with Chris Gresens

CE episode! Plasma product names are confusing, but few are as misunderstood as Liquid Plasma. Dr. Chris Gresens explains why LP might be perfect for your transfusion service.

094CE: Thalassemia Essentials with Sujit Sheth

CE episode! Thalassemia is an enormous global problem! Dr. Sujit Sheth is passionate about caring for patients with thalassemia, and he shares his passion with us on this special episode.

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