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🎙️Sure, massively bleeding patients need RBCs, plasma, & platelets, but are we missing what might be THE most important factor?🤔 @cushing_melissa asks, "What About Fibrinogen?" on the #BBGEssentials Podcast. NOW at https://t.co/697T5yoTJW, Apple Podcasts, etc. #blooducation https://t.co/tRyBI8wnLl

🎙️It's a great day for an irradiation⚡️podcast! Chris Tormey takes a deep dive on irradiation's "why, how, and who" to know if it really does what you think it does. Free CE, too! #BBGEssentials at https://t.co/RVcdYG9sEM, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. #blooducation #FOAMed

For you early morning US folks and international followers: Today's #BBGEssentials Podcast is a close look at irradiation. Does it REALLY do what you think it does? Check out Dr. Chris Tormey at https://t.co/RVcdYG9sEM, Apple Podcasts, etc. #blooducation #FOAMed https://t.co/Qap4lomxvJ

Highly recommend you take a few minutes to read through this excellent #blooducation #tweetorial from Jacob! He makes tons of great points. If interested in more, I covered some of this with Stella Chou on #BBGEssentials https://t.co/hhscQsDvVY https://t.co/EnXU23cF3K

🎙️What's 🄲🄾🄻🄳🥶 is 𝓗𝓞𝓣🥵 again! Today on the podcast, learn how one major US center introduced cold-stored 🅾️ whole blood for trauma transfusion. Tons of practical tips & lessons! https://t.co/1GB8qZGpRw, Apple Podcasts, etc. #BBGEssentials #blooducation @HoxworthUC #LTOWB https://t.co/4gkAULWmxe

075CE: What About Fibrinogen? with Melissa Cushing

CE episode! Are we ignoring the most important coag factor when transfusing bleeding patients? Melissa Cushing asks, “What about fibrinogen?”

074CE: Radioactive! with Chris Tormey

CE episode! Irradiation prevents TA-GHVD, a lethal transfusion complication. But does it really do what you think it does?

073: Implementing Trauma Whole Blood with David Oh and Mike Goodman

What’s cold is hot again! You need to hear how one large US center implemented cold-stored whole blood for trauma transfusion.

072CE: Neonatal Platelet Transfusion with Martha Sola-Visner

CE episode! What if everything we THOUGHT we knew about neonatal platelet transfusion is wrong?

071: NEW Therapeutic Apheresis Guidelines with Nancy Dunbar

The new ASFA Guidelines for therapeutic apheresis treatment are now available. Here’s why you need to get your hands on them today!

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