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ICYMI: Wait...AABB Assessments can be...FUN? I'm not convinced, but Anne Chenoweth from AABB thinks they SHOULD be! Hear Anne's incredibly practical tips to "Better AABB Assessments" now at https://t.co/wqNlsuQ9z6, Apple Podcasts, etc. #blooducation #BBGEssentials #FOAMed

Even if you don't work at an AABB-accredited facility, Anne Chenoweth wants to help you and your facility improve! Hear her Essential Tips for Better AABB Assessments on today's #BBGEssentials Podcast. https://t.co/wqNlsuQ9z6, Apple Podcasts, etc. #blooducation FREE continuing ed

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061CE: Better AABB Assessments with Anne Chenoweth

CE episode! You know all about AABB Standards, but how do you make them practical? Anne Chenoweth gives us tips to make your next AABB assessment better!

060CE: Transforming Inventory Management with Nancy Dunbar

CE Episode! Nancy Dunbar says simple adjustments to “the rules” could reduce shortages of O-neg RBCs, AB plasma, and platelets!

059: Antigen Matching for Future Moms with Meghan Delaney

Do females that could have babies in the future need to be matched for antigens like K to prevent HDFN? Meghan Delaney explains what she discovered in the “AMIGO Study.”

058CE: Transfusion and Blood Clots with Ruchika Goel

CE episode! Blood clots after surgery are a huge problem. Ruchika Goel explains the possible scary link between red cell transfusion and venous thromboembolism.

057: Nonspecific Antibodies with Brenda Grossman

Isolated nonspecific reactions (“antibodies of undetermined specificity”) on antibody workups are common and irritating, but are they important? Brenda Grossman explains.

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