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Thread: I've had several people ask on Twitter, over email, and in the halls here at #AABB18 about my comment during #BBGuyLIVE yesterday regarding my feelings on the use of the phrase "least incompatible" in the process of preparing RBC units for transfusion in WAIHA 1/9

The honor was all mine, Rebecca! Best wishes to you, @SueTJohnson, Monica, and Jay at the Wizardry School session tomorrow morning! #AABB18

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058CE: Transfusion and Blood Clots with Ruchika Goel

Blood clots after surgery are a huge problem, but have we missed one key link? Ruchika Goel explains the scary association between red cell transfusion and venous thromboembolism.

057: Nonspecific Antibodies with Brenda Grossman

Isolated nonspecific reactions (“antibodies of undetermined specificity”) on antibody workups are common and irritating, but are they important? Brenda Grossman explains.

056CE: Transfusion in Liver Disease with Jeannie Callum

Patients with liver disease receive almost 1 in every 5 blood products transfused in hospitals! Jeannie Callum thinks that’s too much, and shows us how to improve our practice.

055CE: 2017 Critical Developments with Claudia Cohn and Melissa Cushing

“I never KNEW about that paper!” Most of us feel that way when we miss some new fact, especially early in our careers. In this interview, two of the editors of a synopsis of 2016-17 BB/TM literature summarize recent developments you should know.

054: ABO Discrepancies Essentials with Nicole Draper

By popular demand, it’s time for ABO Discrepancies! Nicole Draper gives you three rules that will help you solve most of these cases.

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