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Transfusion Medicine Updates

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Please check out this excellent video from my blood center, @lifestreamblood. All blood center everywhere need healthy donors to donate blood. https://t.co/F7jaYmEHgE
LifeStream @lifestreamblood
As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, medical professionals at @LLUMedCenter explain why hospitals need blood. Donating blood is safe. If you are healthy and feeling well, patients need your blood donation. Schedule your appointment at https://t.co/RXeAM8eK3z or call 800-879-4484. https://t.co/MFgbI2kkda

Thank you, @EDdailyatISBT! We need as much scientific info as we can. Knowledge and facts help dispel fear. https://t.co/2awd2Juz4w

Please read this excellent thread from the mighty and wonderful @HermelinMD for key points from today's #BBGEssentials interview with Lou Katz on #COVID19 and the blood supply. Thanks, Daniela! #blooducation https://t.co/OXFISML1QG https://t.co/l5qQ1ZPOE7
Daniela Hermelin, MD @HermelinMD
📳 #Blooducation colleagues: Just posted - outstanding 30-minute podcast by @bloodbankguy and Dr. Louis Katz, @WillYouGive covering #COVID19 as it relates to the Blood Bank World covering terminology, transfusion transmission, hospital guidance and donation 🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️! https://t.co/uZEMuBraEK

As promised, here's an emergency #BBGEssentials, "COVID19 and the Blood Supply," with Dr. Lou Katz ( @AABB TTD Committee Chair) available NOW at https://t.co/OXFISML1QG, Apple Podcasts, etc. Recorded 3/16/20. Everyone be safe & donate blood if you are healthy! #blooducation https://t.co/U5Dx0n66Hm

I spoke today with Dr. Lou Katz, Chair of the @AABB TTD Committee, for an emergency #COVID19 and the blood supply podcast episode, coming TOMORROW MORNING. #BBGEssentials is not usually topical, but this felt important! #blooducation https://t.co/gmphS8x3Gv

That's a fair question, Chris, and I'll tell you my answer: Right now, my center is fighting madly to get blood on the shelves in face of canceled blood drives and declining visits to our sites. I have no choice but to focus on that. No current bandwidth for anything else. https://t.co/rFlIXun6zx

082: COVID-19 and the Blood Supply with Louis Katz

Emergency episode! Blood banks, hospitals, and blood donors need to know what to do about COVID-19 now. Lou Katz explains. Recorded 3/16/20.

081CE: Top Ten Changes in the NEW AABB Standards with Rich Gammon

CE episode! April 1, 2020 brings another AABB Standards update, and Standards Committee Chair Rich Gammon walks you through your action items.

080CE: Is This Donor “Safe?” with Mindy Goldman

CE episode! Safe blood donors, safe recipients: Mindy Goldman outlines Canada’s decisions on older donors and men who have had sex with men.

079: Pioneering Pathogen Reduction with Ray Goodrich

Long ago, pathogen reduction was just a dream, but pioneers like Ray Goodrich figured it out. He talks the past, present and future of PRT.

078CE: Does That Patient REALLY Need Platelets? with Joe Sweeney

CE episode! Platelet transfusion decisions must Involve more than just the platelet count! Joe Sweeney explains how we can all make better choices.

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