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Hi, @sumedha_arya! Thanks for the kind words! When I did the videos, I called them "podcasts," & they're still available that way. I also do an audio-only podcast, "Blood Bank Guy Essentials," you might like. It's on all podcast outlets & at https://t.co/VrlLpzvTWD #BBGuyPodcast https://t.co/88Vz4jliu2

I LOVE it when clinicians "stumble" onto the #BBGuyPodcast! Thanks, @NicoleRelke for the kind words. Other clinically-focused eps you might like: https://t.co/gNXyndUeks (transfusion in liver dz), & https://t.co/u9AkxBX3ju (does your pt REALLY need platelets?) #blooducation https://t.co/DQoVHkIcQS

MAGNIFICENT thread, @TransfusionGeek! I'm going to interview @MurphyProf for the #BBGuyPodcast in 2021 on some of these very issues.

My favorite line in this thread: "Check once well rather than twice badly!" Could not have said it better (and I've tried!). #blooducation https://t.co/c5xLn1cyym

I'm so honored, @XeniaParisi. 😀The target audience I started https://t.co/lDiGz7CyI7 for is in fact #pathresidents, so I'm very, very happy that you are finding the materials helpful! I'm looking to update some videos in 2021, so stay tuned... 👀 #PathTwitter https://t.co/1Wt98qBLkg
Xenia Parisi, MD @XeniaParisi
Dr. Chaffin’s lectures have me “Weak in the Ds.” 😄
Every #pathresident should make sure to check into his podcasts and lectures, they are all so practical!
#PathTwitter #pathology #MedTwitter #blooducation #transfusion #bloodbank https://t.co/HtQsvxL9ep

Today I'm editing a #BBGuyPodcast episode on best practices for evaluating warm autoantibodies and WAIHA with Drs Alyssa Ziman from @UCLAHealth and Meghan Delaney from @ChildrensNatl. Can't wait for you all to hear it! One article we discussed: https://t.co/HYdTTU2OpL https://t.co/FJa3dQpikM

It's a bit over 24 hours before 2020 ends, and if you're short on continuing education hours, you can pick some up FOR FREE at https://t.co/VrlLpzvTWD (just look for episodes ending with "CE"). Let's end this hideous year on an UP note! #blooducation #FOAMed

087CE: Transfusion-transmitted Infections with Suchi Pandey

CE episode! Transfusion-transmitted infection is less likely today than ever, but that safety comes with a lot of effort. In this interview, you will learn current blood center strategies to keep blood safe.

086CE: Scary Stories from the Transfusion Service with Mark Fung & Jay Hudgins

CE episode! In this Halloween-themed episode, Mark Fung and Jay Hudgins describe how to handle intense transfusion service situations.

085CE: What to do When Everything is Incompatible with Jill Storry

CE Episode! Uh-oh! Your patient needs blood, but EVERYTHING is incompatible! Jill Storry says, “Take it easy. Here’s what to do next.”

084: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma with Pampee Young and Ralph Vassallo

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, does convalescent plasma from recovered patients offer fresh hope for those who are critically ill?

083CE: Building the Perfect Transfusion Committee with Carolyn Burns

CE episode! Is your hospital transfusion committee doing what it should be doing? Carolyn Burns is back to help guide you to a better experience!

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