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Blood Bank Guy totally changed the way a generation of pathologists feel about blood banking and transfusion medicine!

Jerad Gardner, MD (@JMGardnerMD)

I so appreciate your web site. Your sense of humor and teaching style beats any conference I’ve ever been to! I tell all of my fellow blood bankers about you! Please continue to provide this awesome service!

Terry, U.S.

044CE: What I Wish I Knew! with Pat Kopko

What happens when two BB/TM docs who’ve known each other for 30+ years get together to talk? Tons of essential tips that will help YOU understand Transfusion Medicine more!

043CE: Practical Tips to Influence Transfusion Practice with Mark Fung

CE episode! Can transfusion practice be changed? Maybe not, but it can be influenced, and Dr. Mark Fung joins the podcast to give us practical tips on how to do so!

042: Do Clinicians Know Transfusion Medicine? with Rich Haspel

Do those making clinical decisions really know transfusion medicine? Rich Haspel and the BEST Collaborative identified the educational gaps!

041: Blood Donor Questions with Mary Townsend

US blood donors answer tons of questions before they can donate. Mary Townsend helped develop those questions, and she explains what you need to know.

040CE: “Wholly Whole Blood!” with Mark Yazer

CE Episode! You may think whole blood, the original product, is a dinosaur, a relic of long-forgotten blood banks past. Mark Yazer wants to convince you otherwise!

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