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The BBGuy Essentials Blog contains weekly posts about news and educational items from Joe Chaffin.


The BBGuy Essentials Podcast has weekly interviews with leaders, and “Ask BBGuy” Q&A’s.


Numerous teaching videos ranging from ten minutes to over an hour from Joe Chaffin.


Review questions covering multiple areas of blood banking and transfusion medicine (many questions currently under revision).


Blood Bank terminology can be confusing! Check the BBGuy Glossary for explanations and definitions.


Topic discussions and FAQs from Dr. Chaffin and colleagues (Coming by May 1, 2016).

Today I passed my ASCP SBB exam, with no small help from your website. From your notes to your podcasts, it has all been incredibly useful. No doubt I could not have done it without this wonderful resource!

Ryan, Eastern U.S.

I so appreciate your web site. Your sense of humor and teaching style beats any conference I’ve ever been to! I tell all of my fellow blood bankers about you! Please continue to provide this awesome service!

Terry, U.S.

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BBGE 009: Dr. Kristine Krafts on Awesome Presentations!

Dr. Kristine Krafts from the University of Minnesota and joins Dr. Chaffin to present her “Top Five Tips for Making Your...
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BBGE 008: Dr. Kevin Land is a Mythbuster!

Dr. Kevin Land, Senior Medical Director for Field Operations at Blood Systems International, joins Dr. Chaffin for an episode of “Blood Bank...
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BBGE 007: Dr. Minh-Ha Tran on Massive Transfusion

Dr. Minh-Ha Tran from University of California, Irvine joins Dr. Chaffin to discuss Massive Transfusion. Dr. Tran takes us through...
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BBGE 006: Ask BBGuy Mailbag 1

Dr. Chaffin opens the “Ask the BBGuy” mailbag to discuss D variants, Liquid Plasma, transfusion choices with warm autoantibodies, and...
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BBGE 005: Dr. Connie Westhoff on Rh Genotyping

Dr. Connie Westhoff from the New York Blood Center joins Dr. Chaffin to discuss Rh genotyping in pregnant ladies and potential transfusion...
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Help! I’ve Acquired a B!

Everyone hates ABO discrepancies! OK, I’ll admit there are a few people out there that carry some sort of odd immunohematological nerd...
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Rhapsody in Rh! Explaining Rh Terminology

The Rh blood group system is spectacularly complex, while at the same time enormously important. Beginners trying to understand the system are often...
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BBGE 006: Ask BBGuy Mailbag 1

Dr. Chaffin opens the “Ask the BBGuy” mailbag to discuss D variants, Liquid Plasma, transfusion choices with warm autoantibodies, and...
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What’s in a Name? Ending Direct/Indirect Confusion

A few years ago, an intern called me and insisted that the blood bank staff was being uncooperative. This young physician stated that his attending...
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Don’t Get Testy With Me! Blood Donor Infectious Testing

“Dr. Chaffin, I keep hearing about Zika virus on TV. It sounds scary, but I also heard that blood banks don’t test for Zika! How do blood...
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