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Blood Bank Guy totally changed the way a generation of pathologists feel about blood banking and transfusion medicine!

Jerad Gardner, MD (@JMGardnerMD)

I so appreciate your web site. Your sense of humor and teaching style beats any conference I’ve ever been to! I tell all of my fellow blood bankers about you! Please continue to provide this awesome service!

Terry, U.S.

049CE: Red, White, and Yellow! with Jeff Winters

CE episode! Many in transfusion medicine don’t deal with therapeutic cytapheresis (removal of white cells or platelets, and red cell exchange), but Jeff Winters LIVES it! He’s got tons of practical insights for the rest of us.

048: Bloodless Medicine? with Steve Frank

Major surgery without transfusion? Is this possible? It’s VERY possible, and Dr. Steve Frank, Director of the Johns Hopkins Bloodless Medicine Program, shares just how to do it!

047CE: I See CMV! with John Roback

CE episode! How do we achieve “CMV-safe” blood? Even an AABB Expert Panel had trouble saying! Dr. John Roback was senior author on that committee’s report, and he’s here to clear the air…maybe!

046: Top 5 Changes in the NEW AABB Standards with Pat Ooley

The 31st Edition of AABB Standards goes live on April 1, 2018. Pat Ooley, Chair of the BBTS Standards Committee, is here to give you the top 5 changes you need to know!

045: Past, Present, & Future with Harvey Klein

In 40+ years at the NIH, Dr. Harvey Klein has lived through it all in transfusion medicine! Hear his fascinating stories and opinions on the Past, Present, & Future.

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