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Blood Bank Guy totally changed the way a generation of pathologists feel about blood banking and transfusion medicine!

Jerad Gardner, MD (@JMGardnerMD)

I so appreciate your web site. Your sense of humor and teaching style beats any conference I’ve ever been to! I tell all of my fellow blood bankers about you! Please continue to provide this awesome service!

Terry, U.S.

040CE: “Wholly Whole Blood!” with Mark Yazer

CE Episode! You may think whole blood, the original product, is a dinosaur, a relic of long-forgotten blood banks past. Mark Yazer wants to convince you otherwise!


039CE: Underestimating Febrile Reactions with Christine Cserti-Gazdewich

CE Episode! Febrile transfusion reactions are no big deal, right? Dr. Cserti-Gazdewich says, “Hold on! There’s more to the story!”


038: HDFN with Greg Denomme

Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn (HDFN) seems simple, but there are lots of pitfalls! Greg Denomme walks us through to HDFN clarity!


037: How to Learn with Justin Kreuter

What if everything we “know” about learning is wrong? We need to know what does and doesn’t work. Justin Kreuter “flips the classroom” to guide us through.


036: Group A Plasma in Trauma with Nancy Dunbar & Tait Stevens

Blood banks commonly use group A instead of AB plasma in trauma transfusion. Drs. Stevens & Dunbar share new evidence on whether this is safe!


My Five Favorite Interviews of 2016!

After 24 episodes of the Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast, here are my top 5 favorite interviews (but don’t stop here!)


The Essentials: Granulocytes

Granulocytes are weird! This specialized blood product has many unique features. Dr. Chaffin declassifies the essentials.


So You Want to be a “G-Wiz?”

The G antigen and its associated antibody seem mysterious. You should understand both, especially in caring for pregnant patients.


Help! I’ve Acquired a B!

ABO discrepancies are easier if you understand basic biochemistry. This post reviews the famous and weird “Acquired B Phenotype.”


Rhapsody in Rh! Explaining Rh Terminology

The confusing Rh blood group terminology has befuddled students for decades. Let’s make it more straightforward!


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