BBGuy Video

“Antibody Identification 1; The Basics”

Recorded March 2012

This is my most popular video (viewed well over 100,000 times!). This presentation includes my basic instructions on how to navigate, interpret, and understand antibody identification panels. I make a valiant effort to take the mystery out of these things and help you figure out a systematic way to approach them.


  • 7:53: In the Wiener Rh classification, r’ is dCe, not dCE
  • 13:45: I said “heterozygous” when I meant “homozygous”
  • 23:54: I said “D-negative” when I meant “D-positive.” Darn it.

Download the handout for this video.

The Blood Bank Guy Videos were recorded at various times between 2010 and 2014. All videos were as current as I could make them at the time of the recording, but I cannot guarantee that they are 100% up to date. For more information on many topics covered in these videos, please see either the Blood Bank Guy Essentials Podcast or the Blood Bank Guy Essentials Blog!

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