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Here's what to expect

Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! Please read this!

You have been directed here because a page you are trying to access is not present on the new Blood Bank Guy site.

I’m really sorry about this, but when a site undergoes a major re-design, and in my case shifts to an entirely different platform, it is unavoidable that search engines will give you results for pages that either have new names or just don’t exist on the new site. I have taken steps to minimize this, but it will persist for as long as Google and other search engines “remember” the old site!.

Please use the search function to find what you were looking for, as it will return pages actually here on the site. Also, you can use the modules below as a guide to finding specific things. For example, if you were trying to read a glossary entry, click the appropriate button below to go to the glossary module. 

But what about the NOTES?

Finally, you may be wondering about my blood bank review notes. In 2016, I stopped working for the Osler Institute. As a result, I am not able to post the review notes as I have in the past.

Thanks again for visiting! Please try the search function at the top of the page or the modules below to find what you are looking for.

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