The competition is over! We have found the most awkward abbreviation in blood banking! PF24RT24 stands for “Plasma frozen within 24 hours after phlebotomy held at room temperature for up to 24 hours” (seriously! Would I joke about something this silly?). PF24RT24, like PF24, does not have to be placed into the freezer until 24 hours after collection. However, unlike PF24, which must be refrigerated (at 1-6C) within 8 hours, PF24RT24 can stay at room temperature for the entire time between collection and freezer placement. For comparison, here are the three products compared in terms of processing:

  • FFP:
    • In freezer (at < -18C) within 8 hours of collection
  • PF24:
    • In refrigerator (at 1-6C) within 8 hours of collection
    • In freezer (at < -18C) within 24 hours of collection
  • PF24RT24:
    • Room temperature (20-24C) for up to 24 hours after collection
    • In freezer (at < -18C) within 24 hours of collection

This product has decreased Factor V and Factor VIII when compared to FFP (though, like PF24, the decrease in FVIII is more pronounced than the decrease in FV (13% decreased for FVIII vs. 1% for FV). The coagulation inhibitor Protein S is also decreased by about 10% in PF24RT24 when compared to FFP. A couple of facts are pertinent about this product: Unlike PF24, which can come from either an apheresis or whole blood collection, this product is only approved for apheresis collections. Individual apheresis-derived plasma units may be larger than units of either FFP or PF24. Second, like PF24, it CAN be kept for up to 5 days after thawing (it can be relabeled as “Thawed Plasma” after the first 24 hours of storage). Finally, like PF24, it CAN’T be used to make Cryoprecipitate (due to decreased levels of FVIII).

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