ABO Blood Group System Quiz

Choose the BEST answer:

1. The reactivity of blood group A is confirmed by detecting the presence of which immunodominant sugar molecule?
2. The mating of parents of which two ABO phenotypes can potentially produce offspring with ALL of the common four blood types?
3. Bombay phenotype (Oh) individuals may have antibodies with all the following specificities EXCEPT:
4. Which cells agglutinate most strongly with Ulex europaeus lectin?
5. Immune A and B alloantibodies differ from non-red cell stimulated (naturally occurring) A and B alloantibodies in that the immune antibodies:
6. Which ABH substances would you expect to find in the saliva of a group A secretor?
7. Which of the following is the best explanation for why the ABO system is the most important blood group system in transfusion safety?
8. A 26 year old pregnant female is being tested prior to a scheduled C-section tomorrow. Her cell grouping (forward typing) is consistent with blood group O, while her serum grouping (reverse grouping or "back-typing") appears to be group A. The most common reason for this type of ABO discrepancy is:
9. An ABO discrepancy between forward and reverse grouping owing to weak-reacting or missing antibodies could be BEST explained by which of the following:
10. A blood donor has the genotype hh, AB. What is his apparent red cell phenotype during routine forward and reverse group typing?
11. Approximately what percentage of group A individuals could be further classified as subgroup A1?
12. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the A2 blood group?
13. Which of the following genes codes for production of the same basic antigen as the gene known as H?
14. Alert! Completely absurd and unrealistic question coming! The labels have come off of some of the reagent bottles in your transfusion service, so the ABO testing reagents are just sitting there, label-less (and they just look ridiculous!). A new lab scientist is trying to find the anti-B, and he asks, "What color is anti-B?" You reply:
15. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus/Newborn (HDFN) caused by ABO antibodies?


Answers and explanations are presented at the end of the quiz.

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