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Blood Bank Guy Podcasts and Podlets are educational videos covering transfusion-related topics.
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Download Dr. Chaffin's 2014 blood bank review notes. Check out the topic discussions on the Acquired B Phenotype, massive transfusion, polyagglutination, and anti-G.

A glossary of Transfusion Medicine Terms is available for your reference.


Ask The Experts your questions about blood group antigens, antibodies, and problems.


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Common questions received from site visitors and attendees at review courses.

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Antibody Identification Theory

Blood Administration

Blood Component Therapy Part 1

Blood Component Therapy Part 2

Blood Components-Special Products

Blood Donation-General Qualification

Blood Donation-Infectious Disease Deferrals

Blood Donation-Travel Deferrals

Blood Donation-Vaccinations and Drugs

Blood Group Genetics

Blood Groups 1: ABO

Blood Groups 2: Rh

Blood Groups: Miscellaneous

Crossmatch Discrepancies

HLA System

Massive Transfusion

Plasma Production and Use

Platelets I

Platelets II

Tx-transmitted Disease 1

Tx-transmitted Disease 2