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"Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine in Small Bites"

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  What the H? (Bombay)

Blood Bank Podcast

In this podcast series, I will discuss one topic in blood banking/transfusion medicine every few months in an hour or so, in order for you to learn things in a more manageable way. I have designed the podcasts to cover the basics and a little bit beyond, to be useful to the greatest number of people.

For your convenience, there are several options for checking out the podcasts, and you can choose whichever suits your style of learning best. You can view them right here on the website, download them to your own computer to view or hear at your convenience, watch them directly on YouTube or Vimeo, or subscribe via iTunes and have new episodes automatically download (this is the recommended method). You can also follow the site on Twitter or click "like" on Facebook to be notified of new episodes.