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Blood Bank Guy Podcasts and Podlets are educational videos covering transfusion-related topics.
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Download Dr. Chaffin's 2014 blood bank review notes. Check out the topic discussions on the Acquired B Phenotype, massive transfusion, polyagglutination, and anti-G.

A glossary of Transfusion Medicine Terms is available for your reference.


Ask The Experts your questions about blood group antigens, antibodies, and problems.


Test your knowledge in the BBGuy quiz section.


Common questions received from site visitors and attendees at review courses.

Osler Course

Thinking of attending the Osler course?

Already attended the Osler course?

Hi, Osler Survivor!

So, you've lived through the Osler course. Congratulations! My guess is that your head is swimming with an enormous number of facts that you are quite certain that you won't remember tomorrow! That's OK. Trust me. It's NORMAL!

I'm glad you are here, but honestly, I'm actually amazed that you're interested in blood banking at all after sitting what must have felt like approximately eighteen hours of my rambling! If you enjoyed any of what you heard, I have numerous resources here that you can use to further your blood banking/transfusion medicine education.

The BBGuy video page has a wide variety of both short discussions ("podlets") and full-length presentations ("podcasts"), all of which can help you solidify what you have learned. In addition, you will always find the most up-to-date version of my review notes on this site. We have a wide array of quizzes in the BBGuy quiz area, designed to help you review and hopefully learn new information. Please check out the BBGuy glossary, where you can find definitions of commonly used terms in blood banking. Last but not least, you can also find me on Facebook or Twitter; I update both social networks whenever I post anything new on the site.

Finally, thanks for sitting through my lectures! I truly value the interaction that I have with people who attend the course, and I hope that I didn't bore you too much. I'd love to have your feedback on the site, as well as whether the information I covered in the lectures was useful to you for your exam preparation. To be clear: I'm NOT asking you to tell me any exact questions from the boards! However, if there was something of value for your exam preparation in my lectures or notes, it was at least partly because someone else clued me in to popular areas of interest. You can email me through my contact page.