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This site exists for one main reason: To help as many as possible learn as much as they can about blood banking and transfusion medicine. What follows is a summary of the educational opportunities you will find here.

Video Presentations:
The Blood Bank Guy Podcasts and Podlets are both totally free lecture series designed to outline the basics of transfusion medicine. You can watch the podcasts here on the site or subscribe on YouTube or in iTunes to automatically download new episodes. I publish several new videos per year, so check back to see what is new!

Many, many, MANY people like to learn and review by taking quizzes. If that is your style, and even if you just want to review some things after hearing a lecture or reading material elsewhere, the Blood Bank Guy quiz area may be just the ticket for you. We are developing additional quizzes, so please keep checking back and you will see lots of new questions!

Review Notes:
For the last 20 years, I have been regularly updating a set of review notes covering basic blood banking/transfusion medicine. I use those notes when I lecture for the Osler Institute Pathology Review Course several times per year, and the response I have received has been extremely gratifying. I am honored that so many people find these notes useful in their study of blood banking. You can find the most current version of the notes here; as always, they are offered free of charge. Also, click the links at right under "Lecture Notes" for detailed notes from the Blood Bank Guy podcast on various topics in transfusion medicine.

Ask the Experts:
I am very fortunate to have a team of immunohematology experts working with me on the BBGuy site. On the Ask the Experts page, you will find answers to common questions we receive from people working in transfusion services around the world, with guidance and advice for things that people struggle with every day.

There are several educational modules available on the site. You can check out the discussions of polyagglutination, the G antigen (and anti-G), and basic Rh genetics using the "Topic Discussions" list on the right side of this page. There is a module there from my friend Dr. Tuan Le on massive transfusion that I think you will like, as well.

The above should get you started, but keep exploring and keep coming back, as I am actively developing this site! Your feedback is always welcome, and if you like what you see, let someone know about it by clicking the "ShareThis" icon below!