Jeff Winters

Dr. Jeff Winters

Dr. Jeff Winters from Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN joins Dr. Chaffin to discuss the Essentials of Therapeutic Apheresis.

It is very common for trainees and practitioners of Transfusion Medicine to have low levels of comfort and experience with therapeutic apheresis procedures. It just “feels” complicated! Fortunately for us, Dr. Jeff Winters, editor of the Journal of Clinical Apheresis, past president of the American Society for Apheresis, and director of the very busy therapeutic apheresis service at Mayo Clinic, is an enthusiastic and willing guide! This episode is the first of two on this topic. In this episode, Dr. Winters takes us on a detailed tour through the basics of this sometimes mysterious-sounding discipline. He covers theoretical and practical aspects, including telling you where you can find a truly AMAZING educational resource that you can and should get your hands on today. I promise, you will end your time with him with a much clearer picture of how to approach these patients, and hopefully, you’ll be ready to dive even deeper into therapeutic apheresis (which you will get the chance to do in episode 026)!

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DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed on this episode are those of my guest and I alone, and do not reflect those of the organizations with which either of us is affiliated. Neither Dr. Winters nor I have any financial disclosures relevant to today’s topic.

The images below are generously provided by Dr. Winters.

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